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  Tool Accessories

Tool Accessories

Accessories make the tools you own more functional. We carry a large selection of tool accessories, from abrasives to vacuum filters, to help you get the most out of every one of your tools. We also stock many tool battery chargers and batteries for cordless power tools.

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  1.   BFKIT

    Big Foot 7-1/4" to 10-1/4" Saw Adapter Kit

    Sale Price: $300.00

    10-1/4" adapter kit Converts both Skil and Bosch 7-1/4" worm-drive saws, Manufactured and sold separately from the saws, Takes approximately 15-30 minutes to install the Big Foot kit, Learn more about the   BFKIT
  2.   MR8400-2BS

    DTR410 Leather Holster

    Sale Price: $29.99
    In Stock

    Carrying your Motorola DTR410 walkie talkie with you around the job site is easy with this Leather Holster. Made of durable, heavy duty leather, it protects the walkie talkie from damage. Its swivel makes kneeling and bending more comfortable, while the quick-release disconnects from the stainless steel belt clip quickly so you can promptly answer calls.

    Learn more about the   MR8400-2BS
  3.   S9500M

    Eartip with In-Line Mic and PTT

    Sale Price: $47.99
    In Stock

    This Eartip accessory with In-Line Mic and Push To Talk (PTT) is designed to work with Motorola's two way radios and gives you hands-free operation with your 2-way radios. The comfortable and small eartip rests comfortably on your ear, giving you a discreet, professional look. It's ideal for noisy environments or places where privacy is required, and the PTT button is built into the cord, giving you quick and easy access.

    Learn more about the   S9500M
  4.   MR8461-2AP

    RDX Series Leather Swivel Holster

    Sale Price: $29.95
    In Stock

    Made of heavy duty, durable leather, this Leather Swivel Holster is designed to work with the Motorola RDX Series two-way radio and is the perfect carrying case for your walkie talkie. Its convenient stainless steel belt clips allows you to quickly answer calls, while the swivel makes kneeling and bending more comfortable and enables you to easily move the radio out of your way.

    Learn more about the   MR8461-2AP
  5.   MR7000-20S

    XTN Series Leather Swivel Holster

    Sale Price: $30.00

    The XTN series leather swivel holster is designed to work the the Motorola series XTN two way radios. 

    Learn more about the   MR7000-20S

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