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Makita Buffing Pads & Polishing Wheels

Polishing pads are used with power sanders to clean, shine or apply finish to various metals. Polishing pads and wheels are available in a variety of materials to suit different purposes. Abrasives like aluminum oxide and silicon carbide are used to remove tarnish or rust, while softer materials like felt and wool are used to improve luster and apply finishing treatments.

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  1. Makita 192629-7

    7'' Hook and Loop Compounding Bonnet

    Sale Price: $12.13
    In Stock

  2. Makita 193288-0

    6" Felt Hook and Loop Polishing Pad

    Sale Price: $23.97

    Out of stock

    Felt pad for the best overall polishing, For polishing hard surfaces, plastics, and more, Hook-and-Loop backed for long life and excellent performance, Learn more about the Makita 193288-0
  3. Makita 193289-8

    6" Wool Pad for BO6040

    Sale Price: $46.29

  4. Makita 743403-A

    7'' Hook and Loop Wool Polishing Bonnet

    Sale Price: $12.36

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