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RotoZip Power Tool Accessories

Accessories can improve or change your power tool's performance. Adding an extension, adapter, stand or specialty tip will let you get the most use from your power tools. We have accessories for drills, saws, grinders, lasers, planers, impact hammers and rotary tools to name just a few.


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  1. RotoZip CRCT4

    Circle Cutter Attachment

    Sale Price: $13.72
    In Stock

    This RotoZip® Circle Cutter Attachment lets you cut perfect circles in seconds.(CRCT4)

    Learn more about the RotoZip CRCT4
  2. RotoZip SEG1

    Straight Edge Guide Attachment

    Regular Price: $18.99

    Sale Price: $13.99

    Out of stock

    The RotoZip® Straight Edge Guide lets you make straight cuts up to 8-1/2" inches deep. (SEG1)

    Learn more about the RotoZip SEG1
  3. RotoZip X-SHIELD

    Flush Wheel Attachment (2610936791)

    Sale Price: $30.69

  4. RotoZip XS4-10

    XShield 4 for Zipmate

    Sale Price: $28.11

    Keep your work area as dust-free as possible when you have this XShield 4 for Zipmate (XS4-10) from Rotozip. It has an integrated dust port for a clean work space and improved visibility.

    Learn more about the RotoZip XS4-10
  5. RotoZip XSHIELD2

    X-SHIELD2 Flush Cut Guard Attachment

    Sale Price: $28.81

    The XShield Flush Cut Guard Attachment (XSHIELD2) improves visibility with a built-in dust port that works with both ZipWheels and XWheels.

    Learn more about the RotoZip XSHIELD2
  6. RotoZip ZM4-10

    Right Angle Wheel-Cutting Attachment

    Sale Price: $39.17

    Make perfect flush cuts and cutoffs effortlessly with RotoZip's Right Angle Wheel-Cutting Attachment.(ZM4-10).

    Learn more about the RotoZip ZM4-10

6 Item(s)

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