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Alpha Professional Tools

Founded in 1986, Alpha is a leading manufacturer of quality tools for those working in the stone, porcelain, ceramic, glass construction, marine and automotive industries. Alpha tools are the absolute best for cutting, polishing, shaping and drilling all sorts of tough materials. Toolbarn boasts a wide array of quality Alpha tools. Find everything from angle grinders, polishers and stone saws to tile saws, cut-off wheels and masonry trowels, plus much more.
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    Mini Air Polisher

    Mini Air Polisher

    SKU AIR-300
  • Ecoguard Type C

    Ecoguard Type C

  • 10" Vetro Blade

    10" Vetro Blade

    SKU WG1000
  • 1" Wet Core Drilling Bit

    1" Wet Core Drilling Bit

    SKU DCB01000