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Black & Decker Power Tools & Accessories

Black & Decker is one of the most popular and widely used brands of consumer-grade power tools. It boasts an extensive line of quality power tools and accessories that are easy to use. Black & Decker prides itself on remaining focused on the needs of its customers, as well as emphasizing quality, ingenuity and value in its extensive line of products. Everyone from homeowners, hobbyists and professionals knows the Black & Decker brand At Toolbarn, we carry an impressive selection of Black & Decker tools and accessories. Everything from cordless drills, power saws, sander and grinders to screwdrivers, vacuum, hedge trimmers and wrenches, we have exactly what you need for excellent value.
  1. 9.6V to 24V Fast Charger

    Black & Decker
    9.6V to 24V Fast Charger


    Save time while charging your batteries with Black and Decker's Fast Charger.

  2. Portable Project Center and Vise

    Black & Decker
    Portable Project Center and Vise


    Combining convenience and portability, this Black & Decker Portable Project Center and Vise (WM225) is the perfect accessory for serious DIYers. It can hold up to 450 lbs. and is equipped with adjustable rear jaws that give you the flexibility to clamp odd shapes.

  3. Flex Auto Vacuum

    Black & Decker
    Flex Auto Vacuum


    Clean up in tight spaces and high places in your car with this Flex Auto Vacuum (PAD1200) from Black & Decker. Perfect for detailing, it boasts high performance cyclonic action for efficient cleaning.

  4. Bump Feed Replacement Spool (RS-136)

    Black & Decker
    Bump Feed Replacement Spool (RS-136)


    The Bump Feed Replacement Spool (RS-136) is designed to be used with Black and Decker's string trimmers.

  5. 8" Replacement Cutting Chain

    Black & Decker
    8" Replacement Cutting Chain


    This replacement chain will keep your Black & Decker saw models, NPP2018 and CCS818, running smoothly and efficiently.

  6. 19" Replacement Mower Blade (MB-850)

    Black & Decker
    19" Replacement Mower Blade (MB-850)


    Keep your Black & Decker lawn mowers working smoothly and efficiently with a replacement blade.

  7. ACCU-MARK 36" Level

    Black & Decker
    ACCU-MARK 36" Level


    This level is great for hanging pictures, shelves and more with it's non-marking, grip-assist pads and easy mounting.

  8. 6 Volt Handisaw Cordless Powered Hand Saw

    Black & Decker
    6 Volt Handisaw Cordless Powered Hand Saw

    Regular Price: $33.99

    Special Price $20.97

    The Black & Decker 6 Volt Handisaw cordless powered hand saw is the ideal solution for household projects.  It's compact size allows it to fit into hard to maneuver areas and the convenience of the cordless operation makes it a go to tool for quick projects.  The saw is designed to use standard T and U shank jigsaw blades so finding a replacement blade is easy.

  9. Replacement Blade for Grass Shears (RB-001)

    Black & Decker
    Replacement Blade for Grass Shears (RB-001)

    Regular Price: $8.26

    Special Price $5.97

    This replacement blade helps keep your Black & Decker grass shears running smoothly and effectively.

  10. 7-1/4" x 24 Tooth Piranha Carbide Saw Blade

    Black & Decker
    7-1/4" x 24 Tooth Piranha Carbide Saw Blade


    This 7-1/4" Piranha Carbide Circular Saw Blade is impressively durable and makes smoother cuts than competing steel blades. (77-737)