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Motorola Walkie Talkies & Jobsite Radios Motorola is recognized globally as a communications leader providing innovative products to businesses, people and governments. For more than 80 years, Motorola's communication products have allowed people to be more mobile while staying in touch. offers a selection Motorola walkie talkies and jobsite radios which are ideal for construction jobsites, forestry applications, outdoor recreation and many other activities.

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  1. Motorola 010590U15

    DTR410 Serial Programming Cable

    Sale Price: $29.99

    Out of stock

    Programming your DTR series radio is simple with Motorola's DTR410 Serial Programming Cable. By connecting it between the radio and your PC serial port, it conveniently lets you program the radio, making set up easier than using the internal menu.

    Learn more about the Motorola 010590U15
  2. Motorola 56517

    Earpiece with Inline PTT Microphone

    Sale Price: $25.74
    In Stock

    The Motorola 56517 gives you hands-free operation with your 2-way radios. The non-invasive hygienic over-the-ear receiver rests comfortably over your ear and the Push to talk button is built into the cord, keeping it within easy access for the user.

    Learn more about the Motorola 56517
  3. Motorola NTN8971BR

    1500 mAH XTN Series NiMH Battery Pack

    Sale Price: $26.40
    In Stock

  4. Motorola RKN4155

    RDX Series USB Cable for CPS Custom Software

    Sale Price: $40.58
    In Stock

    Programming and managing radio settings is easy with Motorola's RDX Series USB Cable for CPS Custom Software. It's usable with all RDX Series 2-way Radios and connects between Windows XP/2000 computers. Learn more about the Motorola RKN4155
  5. Motorola RLN6303

    RDX Series Cloning Cable

    Sale Price: $15.21
    In Stock

    Copying settings from one radio to another is simple with Motorola's RDX Series Cloning Cable. It conveniently works with all Motorola RDX series 2-way radios and allows you to quickly copy all settings from one radio to another. Learn more about the Motorola RLN6303
  6. Motorola RLN6307

    RDX Heavy Duty Belt Clip

    Sale Price: $11.70
    In Stock

    Carrying your Motorola walkie-talkie around with you on the job site is no longer a problem with the RDX Heavy Duty Belt Clip. It's designed to clip on to the batteries of all RDX series radios, and conveniently fits belts up to 2-1/2" wide. Learn more about the Motorola RLN6307

6 Item(s)

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