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Occidental Leather Tool Belts, Suspenders & Jobsite Apparel

Since 1982, Occidental Leather has designed and produced impressive, high quality leather tool bags, tool belts and tool pouches. Headquartered in California, all products are proudly made in the USA to ensure uncompromising construction and meticulous attention to detail. Occidental has amassed more than 30 years of field-tested designs and uses only the best extra-thick, water-repellent leathers to fashion their premium products. It offers right or left handed belts capable of holding anything from nails to a variety of hand and power tools, cell phones, and anything else you need to keep with you at the jobsite. Keeping your tools with you is easier thanks to Occidental Leather. At Toolbarn, we are proud to carry a vast array of Occidental's products. When you order an Occidental pouch, bag or holder, you instantly see and feel the difference. If you're in the market for a high quality, lasting tool carrier that will serve you well for years, check out our selection of Occidental products.