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Panasonic Power Tools

For more than 30 years, Panasonic has manufactured premium grade, industrial quality cordless power tools that both craftsmen and professionals can use. With a focus on durability and reliability, Panasonic designs tools that can withstand the harsh environment of construction sites and constant use in industrial manufacturing. At Toolbarn, carry a wide range of Panasonic products. From cordless drills, rotary hammers and jig saws to hammer drills, saw blades and tool cases, find exactly what you're looking for.
  1. 5-3/8" x 30 Tooth Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade
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    15.6V 5-3/8" Cordless Metal Saw Kit
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    ToughIP™ line is certified for excellent dust and water resistance

    14.4V Li-Ion Cordless ToughIP 2-Piece Multi-Purpose Cutter and Drill Driver Combo Kit

    MSRP: $546.00


    The Panasonic EYC194LZ ToughIP Combo Kit features a 14.4V Li-Ion Metal Cutter and Drill Driver. Both are rated IP56 for excellent dust and water resistance. Kit also includes two 14.4V Li-Ion batteries and a charger.

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    15 minute Universal Battery Charger (NiCd 2.4V - 3.6V battery packs)
  5. 15.6V Cordless Ni-MH 1/2" Drill/Driver Kit

    15.6V Cordless Ni-MH 1/2" Drill/Driver Kit

    MSRP: $312.38


    Panasonic combines superior design with durability and ease of use with its 15.6 Volt Ni-MH 1/2" Drill/Driver Kit (EY6432NQKW).