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Reed Pipe Tools & Vises

Reed has been making durable, high performance gear for the plumbing and pipefitting industry for over 100 years. Toolbarn is proud to offer a great assortment of innovative Reed equipment, tools and accessories to assist you in getting things done right. Whether you're looking for a pipe wrench, a tube cutter or something in between, we've got the tools you need.
  • HI6 Hinged Cutter Wheel

    MSRP: $20.35

    $19.59 $

    HI6 Hinged Cutter Wheel

    SKU 3524
  • R12+ Segmental Dies

    MSRP: $904.53

    $821.22 $

    R12+ Segmental Dies

    SKU 5721
    Free Shipping
  • 704 Mid-Line Vise

    MSRP: $218.28

    $184.10 $

    704 Mid-Line Vise

    SKU 1385
  • 706 Mid-Line Vise

    MSRP: $380.79

    $321.16 $

    706 Mid-Line Vise

    SKU 1389
    Free Shipping