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Reed Pipe Tools & Vises

Since 1896, Reed Manufacturing has been making quality pipe tools and vises. This family owned and operated company has developed a number of the most innovative and effective tools in the industry, such as the Quick Release™ Tubing Cutter, the Hinged Cutter™, the Rotary™ Cutter, and the Universal Pipe Cutter. Designing and producing durable, high quality tools for its customers has been Reed's priority since its beginning, and it continues to do so today. Look to Toolbarn for an impressive array of Reed tools and equipment. For the best pipe cutters, vises, shears, wrenches, reamers, jacks and more at excellent value, we’ve got it.
  • Heavy duty vise handles pipes up to 6" in diameter

    MSRP: $480.79

    $403.86 $

    R450+ Tripod Vise

    SKU R450+
    Free Shipping
  • R12+ Segmental Dies

    MSRP: $904.53

    $821.46 $

    R12+ Segmental Dies

    SKU 5721
    Free Shipping
  • 704 Mid-Line Vise

    MSRP: $218.28

    $183.36 $

    704 Mid-Line Vise

    SKU 1385
  • 706 Mid-Line Vise

    MSRP: $380.79

    $311.88 $

    706 Mid-Line Vise

    SKU 1389
    Free Shipping