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Roto-Zip Rotary Tools & Accessories

Since 1972, Rotozip has been manufacturing a line of tools and accessories to assist professionals in cutting a wide variety of tough materials, from drywall to ceramic tiling and floor tile. Engineered for durability and lasting performance, these tools are guaranteed to take on even the most difficult tasks. Toolbarn boasts an impressive selection of Rotozip tools, including power saws, rotary tools, and accessories like abrasives, cut off wheels, router bits, adhesives and more.
  • Duracut XBIT

    MSRP: $18.23


    Duracut XBIT

    SKU XB-DC1
  • 1" Diamond Xcores Tile Cutting Hole Saw

    MSRP: $52.69


    1" Diamond Xcores Tile Cutting Hole Saw

    SKU XC-T1000
  • sale
    Nozzle, Rotojet, 5000 #12.0

    MSRP: $157.59

    Regular Price: $115.51

    Special Price $99.95

    Nozzle, Rotojet, 5000 #12.0

    SKU 8.711-021.0

    Out of stock

  • Outlet/Window/Door XBit

    MSRP: $9.71


    Outlet/Window/Door XBit