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  1. Rockwell RK9110

    Miter Saw Station Attachment for Jawhorse™ WorkStation

    Sale Price: $79.99

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    The Miter Saw Table is designed to fit almost any miter saw to the Jawhorse. The table is clamped quickly between the jaws. Attach the adjustable support rollers to your own 2x4 lumber to create infeed and outfeed support to any length. Learn more about the Rockwell RK9110
  2. Rockwell RK9204

    Work Table Attachment for Jawhorse™ Workstation

    Sale Price: $49.99

    The Rockwell Jawhorse Work Table accessory converts the Jawhorse into a heavy-duty split-style work table. The table allows for hands-free clamping as the table halves are moved together using the foot pedal action of the Jawhorse. The table can accommodate uneven pieces up to a 13° offset. Pivoting surface clamps, or "dogs" hold irregularly shaped objects tightly for painting, sanding, scraping or other work. The maximum opening between the table halves is 22".

    Learn more about the Rockwell RK9204

2 Item(s)

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