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AmPro Metal Benders & Folders

Metal Benders & Folders

Metal bending tools, also know as "conduit benders" or "tube benders," allow you to form customized shapes of ductile metal tubing. Sheet metal folding tools, also referred to as "bending brakes," are used to fold, bend and shape sheet metal for various metalworking applications.

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  1. AmPro T70742

    Tube Bender (UP TO 1/4")

    Sale Price: $2.96

    Specially designed to apply kink-free bends to tubing, the AmPro T70742 Tube Bender bends aluminum, brass and copper with ease.

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  2. AmPro T70748

    Heavy Duty Tube Bender

    Sale Price: $6.99

    The AmPro Heavy Duty Tube Bender (T70748) features a heavy duty construction and a four groove design able to fit various tube sizes.

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  3. AmPro T70750

    Tube Bender

    Sale Price: $12.99
    In Stock

    The AmPro Tube Bender (T70750) is specially designed to cut copper and steel tubing without kinking or collapsing. The unique roller adaptors are designed to conform to each tube size for smooth bends.

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