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Greenlee Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools

Our wide selection of cutting tools includes equipment for carpenters, electricians, plumbers, wood workers, roofers and craftsmen. From heavy duty bold cutters and stud shears to hand saws and razor blades, we have what you're looking for. We also carry replacement blades and sharpening kits to keep your tools performing like new.



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  1. Greenlee 56300

    NM Cable Ripper (0252-11)

    Sale Price: $2.09

    Slits outer jacket of Romex® 10/2, 12/2, 14/2 and other non-metallic (NM), sheathed cable, Wire gauge on handle for identifying #6 to #14 AWG, Corrosion-resistant zinc plating, Side-entry design for end or mid-run slitting of jacket, ROMEX® is a… Learn more about the Greenlee 56300
  2. Greenlee 45578

    Kwik Stripper CATV Cable Stripper

    Sale Price: $21.99

    Designed for the professional CATV cable installer, this stripper is perfect for high volume and uses replaceable stripping cartidges for RG6, RG59, RG11 and RG7 CATV cables, Spare cartridge holder is conveniently built into the tool, Extra-large finger hole, Pre-measured… Learn more about the Greenlee 45578
  3. Greenlee 45000

    Kwik Stripper™ Wire Stripper (34-10 AWG)

    Sale Price: $69.99

    This Kwik Stripper™ Wire Stripper from Greenlee® self-adjusts to different wire gauges, for easier operation and more precise results. 34-10 AWG stripping capacity. (45000)

    Learn more about the Greenlee 45000
  4. Greenlee 37600

    Automatic Wire Stripper

    Sale Price: $32.99

    Production grade wire stripper strips insulation from most, smaller gauge wire, Strips up to 7/8" (22.2 mm) length, Strips PVC and THHN insulation, For use with solid and stranded wire, Note: This is not an insulated tool, Learn more about the Greenlee 37600
  5. Greenlee 34953

    Flex Splitter® BX and Flexible Conduit Cutter (1940)

    Sale Price: $28.99

    The versatile Flex Splitter® from Greenlee makes easy cuts on both 14/2 to 10/4 BX cable and 3/8" Flexible Metal Conduit. (34953)

    Learn more about the Greenlee 34953
  6. Greenlee 31894

    V-Notch Wire Stripper and Cutter (1913)

    Sale Price: $6.99

    The V-Notch Wire Stripper and Cutter features pivot joints, a vinyl cushioned grip and adjustable settings for various wire sizes making this the ideal tool for all your wire cutting tasks.

    Learn more about the Greenlee 31894
  7. Greenlee 31888

    Combination Tool (1921)

    Sale Price: $25.99
    In Stock

  8. Greenlee 6854

    Pro Wire Stripper for NM Cable (1960)

    Sale Price: $20.99

    Pliers' nose for working with small nuts and pulling wire, Machined stripping stations with a positive stop provide precise, stripping diameters, Long curved cutter blades reduce force required by 25% and can cut, NM in single cut, Hole in jaws… Learn more about the Greenlee 6854
  9. Greenlee 04882

    Pro Wire Stripper (1950A)

    Sale Price: $16.99

    The Greenlee Wire Stripper 1950A series tool is ideal for stripping outer jackets of both solid and stranded wire. Learn more about the Greenlee 04882

9 Item(s)

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