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Marshalltown Lifting & Holding Tools

Control is essential on any job. Whether you need to hoist heavy machinery, clamp your workpiece into place, or jack up a vehicle, we have the hoists, lifts, vises, straps and clamps to keep you steady and secure.


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  1. Marshalltown 18592

    SkyWalker® 2.1 Stilts 24-40" (SKY2124)

    Sale Price: $331.99
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    The advanced ankle movement allows a more natural walking motion. This allows new users to more easily get adjusted to working in the stilts and experienced stilt users will find these to be easier with which to work. Add the cushioned calf pad and you have one of the most comfortable and least tiring drywall stilts on the market today.

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  2. Marshalltown SKY2118

    SkyWalker® 2.1 Stilts 18-30"

    Sale Price: $330.00

    Reach elevated areas while you work with these SkyWalker® 2.1 Stilts 18-30" (SKY2118) from Marshalltown. The special calf cuff ratchet system comfortably fits any size leg.

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