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Pounding & Prying Tools

Driving, punching, prying or breaking are basic tasks in almost any job. Using the correct hammer, chisel, punch or pry bar will get the job done professionally and effectively.


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  1. Dalluge 04DABAR

    DA Bar® Pry Bars and Nail Pullers

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    DA Bars® from Dalluge® are perfect for removing molding and trim work. Available as Nail Pullers, Scrapers, and Pry Bars.

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  2. Vaughan 570-43

    9-3/4" Bear Claw® Nail Puller with Scraper Bar (BC/SB10)

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    The Vaughan 570-43 Bear Claw® Scraper Bar has a wide, thin and sharp blade which is ideal for scraping and cutting. The solid nail pulling end has a 11 ounce rocker head that allows for maximum leverage when pulling nails.

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