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Ball Peen, Cross Peen & Sheet Metal Hammers

Ball peen hammers were originally designed for metalwork. The distinctive round head shaped and strengthened metals used in gaskets, cooper roves and certain types of rivets. The flat face of ball peen hammers can also be used to strike punches or chisels. Riveting hammers or cross peen hammers perform a similar function to traditional ball peen hammers, but their wedge-shaped head pushes the sheet metal in a slightly different direction.

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  1. Vaughan TR16F

    16 oz. Tinner's Riveting Hammer (12-1/2" Fiberglass Handle)

    Sale Price: $19.57
    In Stock

    This Vaughan® Tinner's Riveting Hammer features a 16 oz. steel head and a 12-1/2" fiberglass handle. (168-15)

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  2. Vaughan FSBPEEN

    Fiberglass Handle Ball Peen Hammers

    Starting at: $17.65

    Each Vaughan® Ball Peen hammer with a fiberglass handle features a patented hollow core design and oil resistant grip.

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