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Decking & Framing Hammers

Whether you're framing, decking or roofing, a quality hammer is a necessity. We carry craftsman quality hammers from names like Stiletto, Stanley, Dalluge and Vaughan. Framing hammers have a heavy head and long handle to maximize driving power. There are many ways to customize your hammer: select a steel or titanium head, curved or straight claw, smooth or textured face, hickory or steel handle. By taking these options into consideration, you can find the hammer style that works best for you.

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  1. Stanley FMHT51244

    17oz. FATMAX® Anti-Vibe® Framing Hammer

    Sale Price: $27.22

    Take on projects with this 17 oz. FATMAX® Anti-Vibe® Framing Hammer (FMHT51244) from Stanley. It's a 2-piece steel hammer with AntiVibe® technology that isolates vibration to the hammer head, for more comfortable operation.

    Learn more about the Stanley FMHT51244
  2. DEWALT DWHT51418

    2 Pc Hickory Framing Nailer (17 Oz. - axe)

    Sale Price: $16.94
    In Stock

    The 2 Pc Hickory Framing Nailer (DWHT51418) provides a fast swing and the option of a Axe or Straight Handle.

    Learn more about the DEWALT DWHT51418

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