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Malco Tools Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers allow you to drive and remove screws. Different fasteners have different head designs. So when selecting a screwdriver, it is important to check the style of fastener you'll be working with, so you can choose the correct style of screwdriver: flat head, Phillips head, square head or Torx head, to name a few.

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  1. Malco Tools CDR

    Duct Ripper

    Sale Price: $16.26
    In Stock

    A quick starter hole for insetting hand snips or TurboShear, Specially angled ground tip easily punctures and rips duct to the desired length starting hole, Hardened tip is ground on both sides to create 2 cutting edges for long, useful… Learn more about the Malco Tools CDR
  2. Malco Tools CHD

    Hollow Shaft CONNEXT™ Nut Drivers

    Starting at: $9.27

    CONNEXT Quick Change handles from Malco, combined with precision-fit and hardened Malco Hollow Hex Chuck Driver shaft components, offer the ultimate in Nut Driver durability and flexibility. Nut Drivers shown here are sold pre-assembled and packaged as one product, but components are also available separately. Replacing a worn nut driver with just a handle or driver shaft at a time is more economical. And changing a hand-held nut driver size can be as easy and thrifty as retrieving a different size chuck driver shaft from your tool box.  Available with a 1-1/2" or 3" Hollow Shaft Hex Chuck Driver bit with 1/4", 5/16" or 3/8" Hex Openings.

    Learn more about the Malco Tools CHD
  3. Malco Tools CONNEXT

    CONNEXT™ Quick Change Handles

    Starting at: $7.23

    Clear, molded acetate CONNEXT handles are shock-proof, shatter-proof and fluted to fit any hand. Handles come in full grip or stubby sizes and are equipped with a quick-connect holder mechanism to accept any 1/4-inch shank chuck driver including Malco Magnetic Hex Chuck Drivers, Hollow Hex Chuck Drivers and Phillips Chuck Drivers.

    Learn more about the Malco Tools CONNEXT
  4. Malco Tools RD6

    6 in 1 Reversible Driver

    Sale Price: $7.96
    In Stock

    Combination bits change to drive 6 different head styles or sizes, 1/4" & 5/16" Hex opening nut driver with 3/16" & 9/32" slotted head bit and #1 & #2 Phillips head bit, Shank firmly locks into handle barrel, Driver bits… Learn more about the Malco Tools RD6

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