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Hitachi Auto-Feed Screw Guns

Auto-Feed Screw Guns

Avoid fumbling around for screws, work effectively and efficiently with an auto-feed screw gun making your job easier, saving you time and hassle. To accompany your auto-feed screw gun we offer a variety of strip screws.

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  1. Hitachi 725443

    7", #3 Lox Bit for SuperDrive

    Sale Price: $7.94
    In Stock

    The SuperDrive LOX system is a revolutionary new bit system that features eight points of contact, Using the LOX system, it is not uncommon to drive as many as 25,000 screws before replacing the bit, Learn more about the Hitachi 725443
  2. Hitachi 725442

    5.5" Lox Bit for Pam

    Sale Price: $7.19

  3. Hitachi 725441

    5" Lox Bit for Senco

    Sale Price: $6.99

    Out of stock

  4. Hitachi 725439

    7", #2 Lox Bit

    Sale Price: $7.94

  5. Hitachi 725438

    7" Phillips Superdrive® Bit

    Sale Price: $4.99
    In Stock

    Super drive bits work with Superdrive® collated screw guns, Has a length of 7 Inches and a #2 Phillips tip, Learn more about the Hitachi 725438
  6. Hitachi 725430

    Superdrive Bit Extension for W6VB3S

    Sale Price: $18.89

    Works with Hitachi Super Driver Collated Screw System W6VB3SD, Extends Other Hitachi Super Driver Bits by 15", Learn more about the Hitachi 725430

6 Item(s)

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