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Rockwell Cordless Tool Combo Kits

For all your cordless tool requirements and needs for both home and job site projects - there is a cordless combo kit filled with all the correct and necessary tools to complete your best work. Some of the kits include, but are not limited to, saws, hammers, drills, wrenches and flashlights. Over 120 cordless combination tool kits are available to choose from.

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  1. Rockwell RK1001K2

    12 Volt LithiumTech™ 3/8" Drill Driver & Impact Driver Combo Kit

    Sale Price: $175.13

    The Rockwell® RK1001k2 LithiumTech™ 12 Volt  3/8" Compact Drill Driver & Impact Combo Kit comes with both the 3/8" Drill Driver and the 1/4" Hex Impact driver in one kit.  Giving you all the drilling and driving capability you need to complete any job.

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  2. Rockwell RK1801K2

    18 Volt LithiumTech™ Drill Driver & Impact Driver Combo Kit

    Sale Price: $218.97
    In Stock

    The Rockwell RK1801K2 LithiumTech™ 18V Combo kit includes two companion tools the Drill Driver and the Impact Driver that will cover all your drilling and driving needs. These tools utilize the latest Lithium-Ion battery technology to offer powerful, durable tools that are also lightweight and easy to manage. The 18V Drill/Driver is all-pupose, excellent for most drilling and driving needs. The Impact Driver is powerful and excellent for driving large screws and removing tough bolts. LithiumTech™ batteries have 3 times the cycle life of ordinary Ni-Cd batteries, and weigh 40‰ less. LithiumTech batteries have very low discharge rates as well, so they hold their charge over months in storage. And LithiumTech batteries never develop a memory effect, so they can be charged anytime, whether fully discharged or not.

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