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Hitachi Electric Shears & Nibblers

Electric Shears & Nibblers

For cutting through tough materials, such as cement or sheet metal, the tools of choice are electric shears and nibblers for heavy-duty cutting applications, providing power and quality performance with minimal damage to materials.


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  1. Hitachi CE16SA

    16-Gauge Shear

    Sale Price: $269.00

    Hitachi gives you a shear that combines convenient lightweight size with power and efficiency with this 16-Gauge Shear (CE16SA). At less than 4 lbs., it has a high power-to-weight ration with 230W output.  The small grip circumference makes for easy handling, and it's perfect for cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper plate, leather and fiberboard.

    Learn more about the Hitachi CE16SA
  2. Hitachi CN16SA

    16 Gauge Sheet Metal Nibbler

    Sale Price: $289.00
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