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Buffing Wheels, Felt Pads, Applicator Sponges & Wool Bonnets

Bring out the natural shine of many different hard surfaces, including natural and engineered stone, quartz, granite, concrete, terrazzo, porcelain, travertine, onyx, and more, with the properly selected buffing pad or polishing disc from Toolbarn. Many polishing systems depend on incrementally reducing the grit of the polishing disc, so be sure to pick up every disc required to get the job done, and to use them in the order recommended by the disc manufacturer.
  1. sale
    Ceramica Vitrified (GP50060V)

    Ceramica Vitrified (GP50060V)

    Regular Price: $134.09

    Special Price $49.97

    The Ceramica Vitrified disc (GP50060V) is part of the first step of Alpha's Ceramica Three-Step System for polishing. Designed to remove saw and grinding marks, this disc prepares a variety of stones for the rest of the polishing process. The disc can be used on bullnosed or profiled edges and curved edges.

  2. Polishing Wheel

    Polishing Wheel

    MSRP: $3.49


    This unique Dremel Polishing Wheel has a polishing compound and silicon abrasive embedded in its material, so there's no need for any additional compound. Suitable for steel, aluminum, brass, silver, hard plastics and gold. (520)

  3. 6" Hard Felt Polishing Pad (2 Pack)
  4. Felt Pads (2 Pack)
  5. 7-1/2" Hook and Loop Sponge Polishing Pad
  6. 1" Felt Polishing Wheel

    1" Felt Polishing Wheel

    MSRP: $2.79


    This Dremel Felt Polishing Wheel creates a smooth finish on most ferrous metals, stones, glass and ceramics. Use with polishing compound for best results. (429)

  7. Ceramica Dry 4" Kit

    Ceramica Dry 4" Kit


    The Ceramica Dry 4" Kit (CD40KIT) includes an assortment of 4" Ceramica Dry Polishing Pads. The pads feature a new process creating a thicker diamond layer for a pro-longed life and better results that the average dry resin pad.

  8. 6" Felt Hook and Loop Polishing Pad
  9. 6" Wool Pad for BO6040
  10. 50/50% Wool Clear Luster Polishing Bonnet

    50/50% Wool Clear Luster Polishing Bonnet


    Get full use out of your Hitachi sander polishers using this 50/50% Wool Clear Luster Polishing Bonnet (725402).