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Abrasive Kits: Sanding Sets & Polishing Stones

Whether you're working with stone, concrete, wood, or another material, you'll find an abrasives set that includes a variety of sanding accessories to take care of any material removal tasks you encounter.
  1. Dust Extractor Kit
  2. Trio Sanding Drum Mandrel with Six Bands

    Trio Sanding Drum Mandrel with Six Bands


    The Dremel TR470 drum mandrel is designed for use with the Trio rotary tool. It includes six 1/2" sanding bands, two of each grit option: extra fine (240 grit), fine (120 grit), and coarse (60 grit).

  3. 50 Piece Complete Surface Prep Kit
  4. Accessories Carrying Case (Filled)
  5. MultiMaster Profile Sanding Kit

    MultiMaster Profile Sanding Kit

    With Fein's MultiMaster Profile Sanding Kit, you'll have everything you need for any sanding project. Convenient and easy to use, it's perfect for sanding garage doors, tongue and groove boards on houses and other concave and convex profiles. It's 3 times faster than conventional methods, and includes 15 sanding sheets and 6 different attachments.
  6. Stone Sanding and Polishing Set
  7. Sanding Finger Sheet Assortment 40, 80, 120, 180 & 220 Grit
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