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Pipe Cutter Blades

Whether your pipe cutting tool makes use of cutter wheels or blades, at Toolbarn you'll find a replacement blade or wheel that will get your tool back to cutting like new.
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  1. Turbo Plane

    Turbo Plane


    Create various profiles and finishes with this Turbo Plane (INDFG400) from Arbortech. Its wide planing action provides a smooth surface, and it boasts excellent control and balance.

  2. Steel Tubing Cutting Cutter Wheel (E-2191)

    Steel Tubing Cutting Cutter Wheel (E-2191)


    The Ridgid 33175 is a replacement cutting wheel for cutting steel tubing in Rigid Models 30, 154, 156, 122 & 122XL tube & pipe cutters.

  3. For Ridgid Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter 3S and 4S

    Replacement Heavy Duty Cutter Wheel (F-515)


    The Ridgid F-515 cutter wheel handles heavy duty steel and ductile iron pipe. (33120)

  4. Replacement wheel cuts steel and ductile iron

    Steel Cutting Wheel (F-514)


    The Ridgid F-514 Cutter Wheel is suitable for steel and ductile iron. (33100)

  5. For Steel and Stainless Steel purposes

    Steel Cutter Wheel (E-4546)


    This E4546 Replacement Wheel works with Rigid Tube Cutters 31632, 31642, 36597 & 33055.

  6. Cuts aluminum and copper tubing

    Aluminum and Copper Cutting Cutter Wheel (E-3469)


    This Ridgid E-3469 Cutter Wheel is for aluminum and copper pipe. (33185)

  7. Replacement wheels for the Milwaukee 2471

    M12 Replacement Copper Tubing Cutter Wheels (2 Pack)


    These Copper Cutter Wheels are replacement blades for the Milwaukee 2471 Copper Tubing Cutter. Pack of 2 wheels. (48-38-0010)

  8. For aluminum and copper purposes

    Aluminum and Copper Cutter Wheel (E-2558)


    This E2558 Replacement Wheel works with Rigid Tube Cutters. (33170)

  9. Cuts Steel and Malluable Metal

    Heavy Duty Steel Cutting Cutter Wheel (F-3, 1 & 2)


    This Ridgid F-3 1 & 2 Cutter Wheel cuts steel and ductile Malleable metal, not brittle, can be dented before breaking. (33105)

  10. HI6 Hinged Cutter Wheel

    HI6 Hinged Cutter Wheel


    Get full use out of your Reed cutters using this HI6 Hinged Cutter Wheel (03524). It fits the Reed H6; H8; H12; H6S; H6I; H6X; H8S; H8I; H8X; H8XX; H6SHH; H8SHH; H12S; H12I; H12X; H12XX; H12SHH cutters.

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