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Accessories for Drain Cleaners & Drum Machiens

Keep your drain cleaner pushing through clogs the way it was designed to by replacing worn and broken parts. At Toolbarn you'll find all of the cables, cleaner heads, and other accessories you need to keep your drain cleaner in as-new condition.
  • Spear Blade

    MSRP: $20.00


    Spear Blade

    SKU T-406
  • Oversized
    100' Pro-Jet Drain Cleaner Hose

    MSRP: $222.00


    Pressure Pro
    100' Pro-Jet Drain Cleaner Hose

    SKU PRO04100S
  • Retrieving Auger

    MSRP: $29.85


    Retrieving Auger

    SKU T-407
  • 1/2" IW Cable Coupling

    MSRP: $40.50


    1/2" IW Cable Coupling

    SKU 91042