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Base Stands & Replacement Parts for Diamond Coring Machines

Coring concrete is a tough job that takes it's toll on your tools. If you need to repair your coring rig, you'll find parts and accessories to get your rig back in as-new condition at Toolbarn. Whether you need to replace a spindle spacer, upgrade you base assembly, replace a damaged switch box, or just need a new water tank, you'll find it at Toolbarn.
  • Vacuum Pad Assembly

    MSRP: $198.20

    $102.39 $

    Vacuum Pad Assembly

    SKU 49-22-7100
  • Water Collect Ring Assembly

    MSRP: $176.00

    $90.91 $

    Water Collect Ring Assembly

    SKU 48-70-0060
  • Large Base Assembly

    MSRP: $635.80

    $322.38 $

    Large Base Assembly

    SKU 48-10-0090
    Free Shipping
  • Copper Spindle Spacer

    MSRP: $3.47

    $2.75 $

    Copper Spindle Spacer

    SKU 45-88-8565