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Remote Controls for Lasers

With a laser unit remote control you can control your laser device over an extended distance giving you the ability to handle a two-person job by yourself. Since laser remote controls are designed to work with specific units, be sure to verify compatibility of your laser unit with the remote control you're considering.
  1. Laser Unit Remote Control

    Laser Unit Remote Control


    The Spectra RC601 remote control is designed to work with the HV101, HV301, HV401, LL100, LL300 and LL400 laser units.  It gives you remote control over the units so you can perform one man operations with a grade rod and receiver.

  2. Laser Remote Display

    Laser Remote Display


    Spectra combines accuracy, precision and ease of use in this Laser Remote Display (CTO-RD10). It can be mounted in the machine cab for convenient and easy viewing, plus the on/off power and select function buttons let you turn on the disply and LR receiver, select and set the display receiver configurations.