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Crimping & Bending Tools for Pipe, Conduit & Wires

With crimping and bending hand tools from Toolbarn you can take on many tasks, such as straightening condenser or evaporator unit fins, shaping gutters and downspouts, working with telephone wires, splicing coaxial cables with compression connectors, bending small diameter copper, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum piping, and much more. When you need a crimping or bending hand tool, you'll find it at Toolbarn.
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  1. 408 Instrument Bender

    408 Instrument Bender

    MSRP: $117.20


    This 408 Instrument Bender (36132) from Ridgid is designed for bending annealed copper, steel and stainless with a wall thickness less than or equal to 0.06" (1.5 mm) to a maximum of 180 degrees.

  2. 3/4" EMT Aluminum Head Conduit Bender

    3/4" EMT Aluminum Head Conduit Bender

    MSRP: $54.57


    Working with conduit is simple when you've got this Southwire 3/4" EMT Aluminum Head Conduit Bender (58-28-12). Durably designed, it reliably and repeatedly performs common bends, such as stub-ups, offsets, back-to-back and saddle bends

  3. Replacement Ratcheting Crimping Frame

    Klein Tools
    Replacement Ratcheting Crimping Frame

    MSRP: $46.20


    Get full use out of your Klein crimpers with this Replacement Ratcheting Crimping Frame (VDV200-010). It's easy to use and is durably constructed.

  4. 3/4" PEX Crimp Tool (ASTM F 1807)

    3/4" PEX Crimp Tool (ASTM F 1807)

    MSRP: $154.90

    Constructed of lightweight, durable polycarbonate E3 handles, the ASTM F 1807 PEX Crimp Tools are ideal for making copper crimp ring connections in potable water and radiant heating applications.
  5. 5-Blade Crimper

    5-Blade Crimper

    MSRP: $48.50


    Crimp with ease using this Milwaukee 5-Blade Crimper (48-22-6001). It boasts reinforced crimper ribs along with a heavy duty spring.

  6. Ironworker's Pliers

    Ironworker's Pliers

    MSRP: $39.00


    These Milwaukee Ironworker's Pliers (48-22-6102) are ideal for twisting rebar. It has an iron carbide edge for longer blade life. Equipped with an angled handle, it also has comfort grips with a durable overmold.

  7. Crimping Pliers

    Crimping Pliers

    MSRP: $36.50


    These Milwaukee Crimping Pliers (48-22-6103) are ideal for crimping, griping and cutting. Impressively versatile, they are rust resistant and boast a forged strength design for lasting durability.

  8. PVC/Oil Filter Pliers

    PVC/Oil Filter Pliers

    MSRP: $26.00


    Take on a bevy of applications with these PVC/Oil Filter Pliers (48-22-6321) from Milwaukee. They're great for working on residential/commercial PVC fittings, small diameter sink basket strainers, small to medium-sized vehicle oil filters and small engine oil filters.

  9. Fencing Pliers

    Fencing Pliers

    MSRP: $38.00


    Take on a bevy of applications with the impressively versatile Fencing Pliers (48-22-6410) from Milwaukee. This 6-in-1 tool can work as a staple puller, staple pincher, gripping wire, wire cutter, wire puller and hammer.

  10. ScotchLok Connector Crimping Pliers
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