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Drywall Knives & Saws

Drywall installation professionals and home remodelers will appreciate the selection of jab saws and keyhole saws available from Toolbarn. Quickly cut drywall to fit around outlets, trim pieces, windows, and other obstructions, with a drywall saw from Toolbarn.
  1. Folding Jab Saw

    Folding Jab Saw

    MSRP: $25.00


    The Milwaukee 48-22-0305 Folding Jab Saw offers a tool free blade change that helps to avoid downtime in the field and a blade that easily folds into the handle for easy storage. Complete with rubber over mold to increase comfort and reduce hand slippage, the new saw uses standard Sawzall blades and includes a metal, wood and multi purpose blade.

  2. Folding Jab Saw

    Folding Jab Saw

    MSRP: $20.96


    The Folding Jab Saw (DWHT20123) is ideal for cutting drywall and plane edges, featuring triple ground teeth, a stainless steel rasp, locking mechanism lock blade, compact storage and an ergonomic bi-material handle.

  3. Fixed Rasping Jab Saw

    Fixed Rasping Jab Saw

    MSRP: $13.00


    This Milwaukee Rasping Jab Saw is great for expanding holes and smoothing rough edges. (48-22-0304)

  4. ProTouch Drywall/Jab Saw
  5. Jab Saw

    Jab Saw

    MSRP: $12.36


    This Jab Saw (DWHT20540) can be used for various materials including drywall and plastic.

  6. Standard Drywall/Jab Saw