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Hand Staplers, Staple Guns & Hammer Tackers

Lay down carpet padding, fasten felt roofing paper, attach upholstery to furniture, fasten wire mesh on the exterior of an animal enclosure, and take care of many other fastening tasks quickly and easily with the right stapler or hammer tacker from Toolbarn.
  • Staple and Nail Gun

    MSRP: $48.00

    $25.00 $

    Staple and Nail Gun

    SKU 48-22-1010
  • Duo-Fast HT-550 Wide Crown Fine Wire Stapler

    MSRP: $79.14

    $43.53 $

    Wide Crown Fine Wire Stapler

    SKU HT-550
  • Foamboard Stapler

    MSRP: $285.86

    $247.04 $

    Malco Tools
    Foamboard Stapler

    Free Shipping
  • Pex to Wood Stapler

    MSRP: $314.39

    $298.09 $

    Malco Tools
    Pex to Wood Stapler

    SKU PWS1
    Free Shipping