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Putty Knives, Scrapers & Taping Knives

Whether you're scraping floors, glass, walls, metal, wood, or just about any other material, you can find the right scraper for the job at Toolbarn. Once you've cleaned off the material, you can further prepare it for finishing with the right putty, joint, or taping knife used to apply filler putty, drywall mud, or any other patching material you plan on using.
  • 6" x 25" Floor Scraper

    MSRP: $327.08

    $201.90 $

    6" x 25" Floor Scraper

    SKU 728841
    Free Shipping
  • Mini Scraper
    $1.78 $

    American Line
    Mini Scraper

    SKU 66-0123
  • 4" Wide Blade Glass & Tile Scraper

    MSRP: $4.40

    $2.79 $

    American Line
    4" Wide Blade Glass & Tile Scraper

    SKU 65-0002
  • 14" Floor Scraper

    MSRP: $31.90

    $22.71 $

    14" Floor Scraper

    SKU CC214