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Shop Cranes and Engine Stands

If you need a movable shop crane to pull engines, transmissions, and other heavy items out of hard-to-access locations, a shop crane or engine stand from Toolbarn will do the trick.
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    Brake Drum Handler
  2. Free Shipping
    5/8 Ton Foldable Engine Stand
  3. Free Shipping
    1 Ton Engine Crane
  4. Free Shipping
    3/4 Ton Load Lever Engine Sling
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    1500 lb. Hydraulic Wheel Dolly
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    750 lb. Engine Stand

    750 lb. Engine Stand

    MSRP: $184.00


    This engine stand features sturdy 4 leg design for maximum stability. It has fully adjustable mounting head and adapter fingers.

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    1/2 Ton Foldable Engine Stand
  8. Free Shipping
    2 Ton Engine Crane
  9. Free Shipping
    1.5 Ton Engine Crane
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    3 Point Engine Support Transverse Bar w/Arm Support