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Box, Torpedo, I-Beam, & Magnetic Levels

Whether you want a clamping level to keep studs level as you nail them in place, a standard level to hang wall decorations such as pictures and mirrors properly, a torpedo to keep in your toolbox to quickly verify plumbness, or a level for any other application, you'll find the right tool for your project and budget at Toolbarn.
  1. Aluminum Torpedo Rare Earth Magnet Level
  2. 48" Non-Magnetic Level in Type 80A-2
  3. 24" High Strength Frame Level
  4. Mini Magnetic Bubble Level (l77)
  5. 10" Reaming Torpedo Level

    10" Reaming Torpedo Level


    Get precision and accuracy with this Milwaukee 10" Reaming Torpedo Level (48-22-5109). Equipped with strong rare earth magnets, the 0⁰, 45⁰, 90⁰ leveling vials are centrally placed for protection on the job site.

  6. 48" Digital Laser Level

    Empire Levels
    48" Digital Laser Level


    This 48" Digital Laser Level (E100.48) is accurate to within 0.0005" per inch in all 10 level and plumb working positions. Equipped with a heavy-duty 6061 aircraft aluminum chassis, its solid block acrylic vials won't break, leak or fog.

  7. 48" Mason Level Type 196-2K
  8. 78" Non-Magnetic Level Type 196
  9. 9" Cast Torpedo Level
  10. 10" Die-Cast Torpedo Level without Magnets (Type 81SM)
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