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Measuring Wheels

Measuring wheels are a time saver for surveyors, landscaping professionals, developers, commercial builders, and anyone else who needs to measure large spaces. With wheels for indoor and outdoor use, and options for every budget, you'll find the right measuring wheel for your measuring application at Toolbarn.
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  1.  RoadRunner Outdoor/Long-Run Wheels
  2. RoadRunner Electronic Measuring Wheel
  3. Contractor Measuring Wheel, Meters/Decimeters
  4. 4 Foot Measuring Wheel with Telescoping Handle
  5. Contractor Measuring Wheel, Feet & Inches in 8ths
  6. 5-Digit Counter Distance Measuring Wheel

    5-Digit Counter Distance Measuring Wheel

    MSRP: $124.79


    The Keson RRT12 Distance Measuring Wheel features a 5-digit distance counter and pistol grip handle for accurate counts and measurements in feet and inches.

  7. Metal Professional Measuring Wheel
  8. Executive Measuring Wheel, Feet and Inches in 8ths
  9. Road Runner Indoor/Short Run Wheels -- RR
  10. 10" Measuring Wheel

    Malco Tools
    10" Measuring Wheel

    MSRP: $94.94


    Malco's distance measuring wheel features an accurate gear driven 5-digit counter that reads to up to 10,000 feet whether you are measuring for fencing, paving, landscaping and so much more.

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