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Leveling Rods, Grading Rods, Straight Edges & Rulers

Whether you're a carpenter looking for a folding spacing rule to help you layout stud locations quickly, a brick mason looking for a brick rule to quickly position bricks, or a straightedge to verify alignment of mechanical equipment, you'll find the leveling tools and rules you need for every application at Toolbarn.
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  1. 6' Pocket Rod

    6' Pocket Rod

    MSRP: $23.39


    The 6.5' Pocket Rod from Keson is a compact leveling rod for measuring grade and establishing scale in photos.   (PR618)

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    48" TECH Electronic Level (IP65)

    48" TECH Electronic Level (IP65)

    MSRP: $396.48


    The Stabila IP65 48-inch Tech Electronic Level with Case brings high end leveling to the masses. Being user friendly, the display on the Stabila 36548 will rotate with the upside down level so you can read the display with ease.

  3. 48" Heavy Duty Tinner Circumference Ruler
  4. 48" Semi Flexible Tinner Circumference Rule
  5. Construction Grade Rod

    Construction Grade Rod

    MSRP: $89.00

    The DeWALT DW0734 Construction Grade Rod measures 13 feet in length for most common applications, it is made from a lightweight, durable aluminum construction and has 4 telescoping sections with markings in feet/inches at 8th Scale on back side for quick overall height measurements.
  6. 6' x 5/8" Flat Reading Wood Rule Red End
  7. 6' Folding Rule-Engineer's Scale
  8. 6' x 5/8" Brick Mason Wood Rule Red End
  9. 6' x 5/8" Masonry Wood Rule Red End
  10. 6' x 5/8" Engineer's Scale Wood Rule Red End
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