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Pry Bars, Wrecking Bars & Fubars

If you've taken on a remodeling and demolition project, and plan to salvage some of the materials for future use, you'll have to employ a certain degree of caution during the demolition process. With the the right pry or wrecking bar from Toolbarn you'll be able to apply pressure right where you need it, to remove materails quickly, but avoid unecessary damage when you plan to salvage some of the materials.
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  1. 48" Wrecker Bar

    48" Wrecker Bar

    MSRP: $57.86

    The wrecker bar has a push/pull action making even the toughest job simple. Made of heavy duty hex stock, this guaranteed-for-life product is a great all-around household tool. Unique rocker head creates more power without blocking
  2. 18" to 29" Extendable Indexable Pry Bar

    18" to 29" Extendable Indexable Pry Bar

    MSRP: $131.68

    The Gearwrench 82220 18" Extendable indexable pry bar allow you to extend the bar up to 29" for better leverage.
  3. 19" Forged Alloy Nail Puller

    19" Forged Alloy Nail Puller

    MSRP: $90.38


    This 19" Forged Alloy Nail Puller from Crescent features a box-joint, hardened and tempered jaw. (Crescent item 56)

  4. 29 to 48" Extendable Indexing Pry Bar

    29 to 48" Extendable Indexing Pry Bar

    MSRP: $221.47


    The 82248 extendable and indexing pry bar from GearWrench is designed to withstand more than 400 lbs. of force, making it the tool of choice for big leverage jobs.  

  5. Clawbar with Dimpler

    Stiletto Tools
    Clawbar with Dimpler

    MSRP: $88.95


    The Titanium Clawbar Nail Puller with the patented Dimpler creates a recess around the nail head allowing the claws to slide underneath, reducing the chance of chipping the wood. The Clawbar is 5 times stronger than Steel but yet lightweight so it won't weight down your tool belt!

  6. Free Shipping
    Hickory Hammer Combo Kit with 2 Hammers, a Nail Puller and Carrying Case
  7. 36" Wrecker Bar
  8. 5.25" Titanium "Mini" Flat Bar

    Stiletto Tools
    5.25" Titanium "Mini" Flat Bar

    MSRP: $59.99


    This 5.25" Titanium "Mini" Flat Bar (FB5) gives you big utility in a small package. The 100% Titanium body is 45% lighter than steel, and the small size fits easily on your belt or pouch while the fulcrum points provide strength and maximum prying power.

  9. 5.5 Ounce Titanium Trim Puller
  10. 30" Round Connecting Bar
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