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If you want to quickly and easily take simple electrical voltage measurements a handheld multimeter from Toolbarn will do the trick.
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  1. Full Kit

    4 Piece Electrical Combo Kit

    MSRP: $312.00


    The Milwaukee 2220-20 Electrical Combo Kit includes four tools and four accessories for the professional electrician working residential, commercial or industrial applications.

  2. Pocket Multimeter PDMM-20

    Pocket Multimeter PDMM-20

    MSRP: $57.30


    Gerber gives you handy tool for HVAC applications with this Pocket Multimeter (11689). It has auto-select mode for hassle free use along with 6000-count LCD for high resolution.

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    Digital Insulation Tester

    Digital Insulation Tester

    MSRP: $591.50


    Check new and existing installation for proper insulation with this Ideal Digital Insulation Tester (61-797). It's excellent for performing maintenance checks on motor windings and calculating PI and DAR automatically.

  4. Digital Multimeter

    Digital Multimeter

    MSRP: $178.00


    This multimeter is the ideal tool for professional, residential, commercial and industrial applications. With several key features, this is a must have for getting the job done right. It runs on two AA batteries, which are included.

  5. True RMS Multimeter

    True RMS Multimeter

    MSRP: $218.00


    The Milwaukee 2217-20 True RMS Multimeter is a heavy duty True-RMS meter for professional residential, commercial and industrial applications. It can measure current down to the milliamp range, and runs on two AA batteries.

  6. Scout Pro Tester Kit

    Klein Tools
    Scout Pro Tester Kit

    MSRP: $121.32


    Simultaneously test video and data cables with this Klein Scout Pro Tester Kit (VDV501809). It combines multiple VDV test functions and mapping kits, saving you time and improving efficiency. Includes VDV Scout Pro Tester, 5 location RJ45 remotes and 5 location F-connector remotes.

  7. LAN Scout Jr. Tester

    Klein Tools
    LAN Scout Jr. Tester

    MSRP: $79.98


    Test twisted pair data wiring (RJ45) connections with this Klein LAN Scout Jr. Tester (VDV526052). Easy to use and conveniently compact, it has a large display for easy identification and rubber molding for added comfort.

  8. 4-in-1 Test Tool

    4-in-1 Test Tool

    MSRP: $208.82


    Test voltage with this 4-in-1 Test Tool (61-704) from Ideal. It has a 200A current capacity along with audible continuity.

  9. Auto Ranging Multimeter

    Klein Tools
    Auto Ranging Multimeter

    MSRP: $59.94


    Easily test current on the job with this Auto Ranging Multimeter (MM500) from Klein. Its user-friendly 3-button design measures continuity, resistance and voltage, and automatically detects AC or DC and measures up to 750V.

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    DataScout 1GTM Analyzer with IPTV VOIP WIFI SW

    DataScout 1GTM Analyzer with IPTV VOIP WIFI SW

    MSRP: $3,745.00


    Simple to use and easy to learn, this Greenlee DataScout 1GTM with IPTV VOIP WIFI SW (DS1G-PDH1) enables technicians to quickly determine and resolve network issues. This all-in-one non-modular analyzer allows the user to quickly provision and assure Ethernet, PDH, Wi-Fi, IPTV, VOIP, Datacom, and C37.94 services.

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