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Electric Straight Grinders

With both a straight grinder and an angle grinder in your toolbox you will be prepared to handle material removal needs for any metalworking project, regardless of the shape and location of the part. When you need the power of a full grinding disk, the portability of a hand-held tool, in a straight-line arrangement, a straight grinder will get the job done.
  1. 15 Amp 6" Straight Grinder
  2. 12 Amp 5" Straight Grinder

    12 Amp 5" Straight Grinder

    A heavy duty, lightweight, and innovative grinder, that's ready to work hard.
  3. 11 Amp 3" Straight Grinder
  4. 13 Amp 6" Straight Grinder

    13 Amp 6" Straight Grinder


    Take on a variety of grinding applications with this 6" Straight Grinder (DW882) from DEWALT. Its 5.0 Amp, 19,000 rpm motor provides high power and speed for all 6" grinding applications.

  5. 8.4 Amp 2" Straight Grinder
  6. 5" Straight Grinder

    5" Straight Grinder


    Take on heavy duty projects with this Makita 5" Straight Grinder (GS5000). Great for metal fabrication and pipe welding, it has a rubberized handle for added comfort and externally accessible brushes for easier serviceability.

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