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Electric Cut-off Saws

A portable abrasive cutoff machine is a flexible saw that can cut through concrete, rebar, structural members, and other tough materials with ease. When you need a flexible saw that can handle a wide range of the toughest materials, a cut off saw from Toolbarn is the versatile saw you're looking for.
  • 12" Abrasive Cutoff Machine

    MSRP: $814.00

    $442.59 $

    12" Abrasive Cutoff Machine

    SKU 1364
    Free Shipping
  • 14" Portable Cut-Off Saw

    MSRP: $332.00

    $170.32 $

    14" Portable Cut-Off Saw

    SKU 2414NB
  • Dremel Saw-Max Tool Kit

    MSRP: $215.88

    $114.24 $

    Dremel Saw-Max Tool Kit

    SKU SM2002
  • 4.5" Ultra-Saw Tool Kit

    MSRP: $218.93

    $129.00 $

    4.5" Ultra-Saw Tool Kit

    SKU US40-01