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Electric Specialty Saws

If you're looking for a hard-to-find saw take a look at the selection of saws offered Toolbarn. Here you'll find saws for even the most specialized applications, such as circular saws boasting lightweight magnesium construction, undercut saws for trimming door jambs prior to flooring installation, and laminate flooring saws.
  1. The Makita 5377MG 7-1/4" Hypoid Saw

    7-1/4" 15 Amp Magnesium Hypoid Saw with Skyhook

    MSRP: $346.00


    This Makita 7-1/4" Magnesium Hypoid Saw (5377MG) is "jobsite tough" yet very low-maintenance. The blend of hypoid steel gears with magnesium components makes the saw lightweight, well balanced and extremely durable. Sealed gear housing and oil bath technology ensure a longer tool life with less effort. 

  2. 7.0 Amp 4-3/8" Flooring Saw

    7.0 Amp 4-3/8" Flooring Saw

    MSRP: $284.63


    Cut solid, engineered and laminate flooring with ease using the Skil 7.0 Amp Flooring Saw (3601-02). It makes cross, miter and rips cuts, and is conveniently lightweight for easy transport to multiple work sites.

  3. BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

    BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

    MSRP: $166.50


    Cut wood, metal, tile, aluminum or plastic with this Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw (RK7323). Lightweight and easy to carry, it's easy to set up and use.

  4. BladeRunner Ultimate Cutting Machine With Wall Mount

    BladeRunner Ultimate Cutting Machine With Wall Mount

    MSRP: $296.98


    The Rockwell RK7321 BladeRunner is a compact, easy-to-use table-top saw that is ideal for cutting wood, metal, plastic, and ceramic tile. The BladeRunner is lightweight and portable and is great for use right at the work area. The blade placement is fixed allowing the user to move the material for easier, more precise work.

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    12.0 AMP Wall Chaser (MFE30)

    12.0 AMP Wall Chaser (MFE30)

    MSRP: $1,361.00

    Wall Chaser
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    Multi-Undercut Saw

    Multi-Undercut Saw

    MSRP: $410.00


    Kraft's FC527 Multi-Undercut Saw undercuts walls, door jambs, under toe-spaces and inside corners