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Oiling Your Air Nailer Or Stapler

Oiling Your Air Nailer Or Stapler

Air tools work hard, and quality equipment can be costly. When protecting your investment, it’s best not to forget the little things. Oiling your nailer or stapler is a critical step (and a painless one) that helps keep your tool running more efficiently and increases the life of your tool. Wearable parts like O-rings are just that, wearable. Taking the easy step to keep your tool oiled is critical to protecting the money you have put into your purchase.

Oil Your Air Tool Daily
Pretty self-explanatory. If you’re working on a more extensive project, oiling the tool before you start working and again mid-way through the day would be your best bet. If the tool has sat unused for a while, oil it before using it again. It’s simple to do and protects that investment.

Not All Oil Is Created Equal
Don’t use motor oil! Don’t use that old WD40! (I think you get the point). Always use lubricating oil made specifically for pneumatic tools. Other oils could contain ingredients that can destroy wearable parts or may even cause an explosion.

Also, if you’re working in below-freezing conditions (32 Degrees Fahrenheit or less), you'll need tool oil that's formulated for the temperature and that contains anti-freeze.

A Little Goes A Long Way
5-10 drops of oil are all you need. Make sure the air tool is OFF before adding oil. Drop the oil into the air inlet of your tool. Done. See, I told you it was simple.

ToolBarn Tip: Never oil the tool’s magazine. Doing so is bound to attract dust and debris which means fastener jams and headaches.

Effects Of Not Using Tool Oil
Plain and simple, your tool is far more likely to malfunction. O-rings will dry up, unnecessary wear on components, corrosion. All of that and more. Remember how much you invested in your tool? Oiling it regularly is one of the easiest ways to protect it.

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