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ICS Tools & Accessories

Like a lot of great American companies, John Jaconi built ICS through blood, sweat and tears. For years it was a one-man show, with Jaconi doing the manufacturing, distribution and sales. Eventually, his world-class cutting products were in such demand that the company grew to the international name it is today. Toolbarn is proud to carry ICS tools and you'll find a range on the site, including a variety of chain saws, pipe clamp systems and replacement chains.
  • 20" Force4 Guide Bar

    MSRP: $265.00


    20" Force4 Guide Bar

    SKU 529767
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  • 16" Force4 Guide Bar

    MSRP: $351.00


    16" Force4 Guide Bar

    SKU 524490
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  • ICS 575827 695XL Gas-Powered Chain Saw

    MSRP: $2,795.00


    695XL Gas-Powered Chain Saw

    SKU 575827
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    Out of stock

  • 15" Force4 Guide Bar

    MSRP: $215.00


    15" Force4 Guide Bar

    SKU 523080