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Prazi Specialty Tools

Innovation has been the foundation of Prazi tools since its inception in 1989. Toolbarn is proud to bring you a great line of tools and accessories that perform like nothing else. You'll wonder how you ever worked without this great lineup as you discover that building quality equipment capable of amazing things is all in a day's work at Prazi. Whether you're ripping a log into a beam, cutting a dovetail or almost anything in between, Toolbarn has what you're looking for.
  • Prazi PR-1600 Seal-A-Tube


    SKU PR-1600
  • Prazi PR-9900 Eco Paint Brush Storage Lid

    MSRP: $7.95


    Eco Paint Brush Storage Lid

    SKU PR-9900
  • Prazi PR-3900 ChestMate Dove Tail Jig

    MSRP: $118.80


    ChestMate Dove Tail Jig

    SKU PR-3900

    Out of stock

  • Set & Go Floor Tile Setter

    Set & Go Floor Tile Setter

    SKU PR-4016