Reed Dies

Just like threads on screws, threads on threading tools can fade and get damaged. Good thing Toolbarn carries a huge selection of replacement dies from Reed, a brand that's been crafting these things for over a century. In our stock, you'll find ratchet rings, drophead diestocks, segmental dies and complete universal die sets. If you're not finding what you're looking for, feel free to give us a call.
  • Reed 5638 R12 Ratchet Ring and Handle

    MSRP: $85.07


    R12 Ratchet Ring and Handle

    SKU 5638
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    UHN1/2-3/4 Universal Die Set

    MSRP: $184.20

    Regular Price: $160.50

    Special Price $28.97

    UHN1/2-3/4 Universal Die Set

    SKU 5815
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  • Reed 5721 R12+ Segmental Dies

    MSRP: $943.42


    R12+ Segmental Dies

    SKU 5721
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  • 2" Solid Block Pipe Die (4" x 4")

    MSRP: $133.18


    2" Solid Block Pipe Die (4" x 4")

    SKU 05534