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We know that manufacturers don't always create the ideal kit for your work, home or hobby project needs. That is why we created the Build-a-Kit. Choose just the right tools and accessories you want or need to create your own personal custom tool kit.

Toolbarn Build A Kit

Toolbarn's Build-A-Kit feature allows you to build a kit to meet your specific needs. Using popular battery platforms from trusted manufacturers, simply select the batteries, chargers, accessories, and bare tools, which are tools that come without batteries, chargers or cases, to build your very own completely custom tool kit. If you are looking to start or expand a collection of tools to meet your exact needs, build your own kit today here at Toolbarn.com!

Build a Kit Benefits

  • Build combo kits the manufacturers don't offer
  • Assemble a cart from one single page
  • Keep all your tools in one battery system

Pick a brand and start building your custom combo kit