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Champion CT5-2-1-4 2-1/4" Carbide Tipped Hole Cutter Champion CT5-2-1-4 2-1/4" Carbide Tipped Hole Cutter

Champion CT5-2-1-4 2-1/4" Carbide Tipped Hole Cutter

SKU CT5-2-1-4

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Product Overview

Champion 2-1/4" Carbide Tipped Hole Cutter

SKU CT5-2-1-4

  • Cuts holes 2-1/4" thick in a variety of steels, aluminum, and non-ferrous materials
  • Engineered for professional electricians, plumbers, and mechanics
  • Excellent wear and heat resistance for longer product life
  • Stable, accurate drilling for professional results, every time
  • Ejects the slug, saving the user time
  • Prevents over penetration for safer, faster operation
  • No assembly required
In The Box
  • (1) 2-1/4" Carbide Tipped Hole Cutter

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Brand Champion
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Shipping Weight 0.5000
Condition New
Manufacturer's Warranty Product Defects Only
Return Policy Unopened Only, 30 Days
Addl Specs
  • Diameter: 2-1/4 Inch
  • Material: Carbide Tipped
  • Recommended Max Speed in Steel: 200-400 rpm
  • Recommended Max Speed in Stainless Steel: 95-195 rpm
Application Ferrous Metal, Non Ferrous Metal
Material Carbide Tipped
Package Type Individual