Toolbarn First Responder Discount Program

Toolbarn proudly supports first responders with a 5% discount on eligible Toolbarn orders. This first responder discount can be used on our huge selection of power tools, hand tools, air tools and more. We welcome all active duty police officers, firefighters, and EMTs to take advantage of this exclusive discount on eligible products. Toolbarn reserves the right to exclude certain products from the discount program. Please be aware the 5% first responder discount will not stack with other discounts, promotions, or coupon codes. GSA & B2B customers are not eligible for the 5% discount. We utilize a 3rd party service to verify first responder status. You must follow the instructions below to become eligible our CSRs are not able to verify over the phone. You must submit documents through the verification form shown on step 3. Sawstop & Occidental leather brands are ineligible for the first responder discount.

Looking for the Toolbarn military discount page? Click Here

Steps to Enter Program


Create an account on or click here to login if you have an existing account. Once you are logged in proceed to next step.


Shop online at and pick the products you want to purchase. Add these products to your cart and then proceed to the next step.


Click here to fill out the required form to verify status. Many verifications are instant but in some cases you will be required to upload documents supporting your first responder affiliation. If you are required to upload additional information you will be notified during the verification process. Please have any necessary documentation ready to upload when verifying.


Enter the coupon code TBHeroes at checkout. If you are already logged in the discount will automatically apply. If you don't login you will have to reverify before checking out. Please note that you can only use one coupon code at checkout. If you use a another code after applying first responder code it will remove the original discount.

Valid forms of identification

  • First responder issued ID
  • Recent pay stub
  • Letter indicating active first responder status from city/state/municipality
  • Certification document

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to verify each time I purchase?

By logging in to your account before verifying you will only have to perform this task once. Your first responder affiliation is then saved to your account and you will only have to enter the "TBHeroes" coupon code at checkout.

Why isn't the discount being applied?

If you have not passed the verification process or you're using another coupon code the first responder discount will not work.

Can I call customer service to verify?

Unfortunately the verification is handled by a third party service and our CSR's are unable to perform manual verifications. You must fill out the verification form on this page or enter "TBHeroes" coupon code on the shopping cart page to access the verification form.

I've already placed my order can first responder be applied now?

We do not allow first responder discounts to be applied after an order was placed. You must complete verification and apply the first responder discount code during the checkout process. Our CSRs will not process discounts after an order is placed.