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Other SDS Max Bits

Whether you need an SDS Max (TE-Y) to SDS Plus (TE-C) adapter, a tunneling head bit, a slotting tool for grout removal, a seam tool for tuck pointing and working with mortar, a concrete bushing head, or any other type of fitting or bit for your rotary hammer with an SDS Max spring-loaded chuck, you'll find it at Toolbarn.
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  • Milwaukee 48-20-6950 Max-Lok Connection Piece

    MSRP: $355.86


    Max-Lok Connection Piece

    SKU 48-20-6950
  • Milwaukee 48-03-3025 SDS-MAX to SDS Adapter

    MSRP: $97.34


    SDS-MAX to SDS Adapter

    SKU 48-03-3025
  • Bosch HS1909 SDS-Max Concrete Bushing Head

    MSRP: $61.83


    SDS-Max Concrete Bushing Head

    SKU HS1909
  • 1-1/8" SDS Max Hollow Bit

    MSRP: $436.77


    1-1/8" SDS Max Hollow Bit

    SKU DWA58118
    Free Shipping
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