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Glues & Tapes

Whether you need a spray adhesive to attach fabric for a craft project, hot melt glue sticks for a glue gun, painter's tape for a remodeling project, or duct tape for all-purpose versatility, you'll find the ahesives and glues you need at Toolbarn from brands like 3M and Pam Fastening Technologies.
  • 3M Gallon of Bondo Body Filler (60-4550-5654-3)

    Gallon of Bondo Body Filler

    SKU 60-4550-5654-3
  • Duo-Fast Industrial Jet-Tac 1848 (Jet-Tac)

    MSRP: $35.96


    Duo-Fast Industrial
    Jet-Tac 1848

    SKU Jet-Tac