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Heat Gun Nozzles

Whether you need a 3 inch surface nozzle for even heat distribution, a 3/8 inch reduction nozzle for concentrated heat, or a reflection nozzle to apply heat to hard-to-reach locations, you'll find the heat gun accessories and nozzles for your application at Toolbarn.
  • Makita P-71445 Reflection Nozzle for HG551V

    Reflection Nozzle for HG551V

    SKU P-71445
    Makita - $20 off $100 Deal
  • Makita P-71439 Heat Gun Nozzle for HG551V

    MSRP: $15.00


    Heat Gun Nozzle for HG551V

    SKU P-71439
    Makita - $20 off $100 Deal